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  • Phase 2  phase 2   10.19.20

    New procedures for Mass etc. at MHT. Please read the new procedures.
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  • Watch the MHT Online masses

    The recorded Sunday Masses are online. First available Sat at 4pm
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  • Holy Communion Distribution

    Watch online the MHT mass or another mass and then come to Holy Communion Distribution Sunday morning 9-11:00am at the entrance to the Church. Blessings
  • Centering Prayer

    Centering Prayer Meeting Monday night 7:15 at MHT Labyrinth. Masks / Social Distancing.
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  • New Office Hours

    Monday & Tuesday  8:30am-12:30pm.
    12:00 Noon - 4:00pm

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  • Mass Reservations

    See and follow the Phase 2 Proceures for Masses 10.19.20 in the right column below.
  • Voting ??

    Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship. A Call to  Political Responsibility from the Catholic Bishops of the United States.
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  • News

    • October 17
      Dear Friends, We have been through a lot during these past few months. We have struggled to make sense of this pandemic while trying to protect each other and our families. On October 3rd we will finally begin phase 2 of a three-phase process of reopening masses at Most Holy Trinity. The decision on starting phase 2, as with phase 1 was made in close coordination with Bishop Weisenburger and in compliance with the Center of Disease Control (CDC) standards. The protocols that I am outlining to you for our parish is a result of this coordination and consultation. Based on what we know, phase 2 will formalize our move back into the church for worship.
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    • October 12
      Centering Prayer is sitting together in silence, opening ourselves up to God in the present moment…it’s that simple. There are no requirements or expectations beyond a desire to experience God. Our Centering Prayer group is meeting on Monday evenings at 7:15 PM, at the Labyrinth, for 20 minutes of quiet contemplation under the night sky. All are welcome!
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    • September 14
      Dear Friends, We have been struggling for a long time to maintain community and worship at our church. For the past few months, we have celebrated masses outside as well as offer online masses with communion being offered on Sundays. You have been amazing in your flexibility and responsible behavior during this critical time. You have also saved lives with your sacrifice and discipline. For that I congratulate you. After a number of weeks of good news on the Covid-19 front we are now ready to make our next move toward normalcy.
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    • August 31
      Essentially, Centering Prayer is sitting together in silence, opening ourselves up to God in the present moment…it’s that simple. There are no other requirements or expectations beyond 20 minutes of silent contemplation, once a week as a group, and individually during the week as you are able.
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    • August 24
      Dear Friends, Since the beginning of the pandemic crisis we at MHT have worked with the diocese and followed closely the recommendation of country and state health services to make sure everyone is as safe as possible when we return. In May we began a reopening with outdoor masses. Sadly, we had to close in early June because of a massive new rise in cases. In late July we were able to resume outdoor masses under our phase 1 plan as approved by the diocese. The lingering question for many has been, when will we be able to return to the church? ...continued... see the PDF...
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